The FUTUREPORT project is a design research project which speculates on the future of shipping, land management, manufacturing, environmental sustainability and future urbanisation in the PRD. Through an examination of thirteen ports in the PRD region, there is evidence of an acute limit on the available land for expansion, while older ports have crowded waterways and cannot cater to the largest vessels, …Read more

Mobile Culture, Creative Community

With the world growing ever closer through globalization and resources growing ever more in demand, the future of the port lies in efficient and sustainable living. As the land use efficiency of the ports increase, more space becomes available for multi-purpose programs, and port industries are transformed to relate to the human scale with complex functions.. Mobile Culture, Creative Community proposes …Read more

PRD SEA: Pearl River Delta Special Ecological Area

What if our administrative boundaries were dependent on ecological boundaries? When freshwater becomes increasingly scarce, could we use watersheds as boundaries to better administer the distribution of water resources?

Climate change, urbanization, and pollution from industrial and agricultural development threaten the steady supply of freshwater …Read more

I-infrastructure: Water Urbanism Node

The Pearl River Delta region faces a self-perpetuating dilemma; fresh water shortage caused or exacerbated by serious water pollution as result of rapid industrialization & urbanization. Currently the portable water source for both Shenzhen and Hong Kong is the Dongguan River, and Inter-Infrastructure: Water Urbanism is a proposal for a different approach to conceptualizing the region’s potable water source …Read more

Symphony of Blades

The process of sedimentation is a unique force that singularly shapes the delicate balance of ecologies in the Deep Bay. Although sedimentation occurs naturally, the process has accelerated in recent years due to activities such as rapid urbanization, land reclamation, and other infrastructural projects such as the straightening of the Shenzhen River. Increase in sediment in the Deep Bay reduces …Read more

Sedimental Urbanism

Sedimental Urbanism explores the ecological, social and political future of the Deep Bay and its inhabitants. A vision of the evolving ecology of the Bay is the basis for a proposal to transform the area into a center for sustainable development in the region. Achieving such a vision requires Shenzhen and Hong Kong to work together with natural processes to create an environment where the city and nature…Read more